Bengaluru Veeraru Certification Program

The Bengaluru Veeraru (BV) Certification Program is a course that follows a time period of three months, wherein you are trained in various fields to become a Community Leader. A Community Leader acts as the middleman between the people of the community and the BBMP, as well as the Government. He/She will lead their respected community/area according to the Area Calendar that will be provided, and will be vital in the problem solving and implementation stage of the area activities.

This 3-month course entails training in the following topics:

• Identifying the Problem

• Building a suitable Solution

• Implementing the Solution in a practical manner

• Sustaining the impact and the effects of the solution implemented.


The problems mentioned are discovered through surveys and interviews in the respective areas, and the solutions needed are discussed and finalized in the presence of a BBMP official, as they will be the ones to take on the implementation jobs. These will also be taught, helping you to train to be an effective BV Community Leader, thereby working not just with the area, but the whole of Bengaluru and the other Community Leaders with maximized efficiency and resulting in a successful endeavor towards a Cleaner, Greener and better Bengaluru

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more

H. Jackson Brown Jr