Bengaluru Veeraru (BV) is a platform designed to implement solutions for community problems by empowering citizens of the community through providing required knowledge and step-by-step solutions by experts. These active communities will be hand-held throughout and will work in complete synergy with the government to provide the most impactful solutions.

The Platform was launched with a mission to unite all the like-minded NGOs, RWAs, student groups and individuals to come together in their locality to solve their community problems, helping to achieve 'Swachcha Bengaluru'.

BV’s vision is to build a sustainable 'Active Community' model for community health and cleanliness which can be scaled in any part of the world.

BV was inaugurated on 2nd of October 2019, when the platform empowered by BBMP held 201 events across 198 wards of Bengaluru. The event was partnered by 88 organizations and 100+ individuals taking up the initiative to conduct the events in their respective wards

All the stakeholders were given complete support by BBMP and were sourced with materials through BBMP, LBTC and crowdfunding

The platform is building a systematic approach to help all the partner organizations and individuals to build active communities in their wards who work in synergy with the government to solve the community problems step-by-step.

BV is conducting a pilot in 5 wards post COVID-19 crisis to build a Model Active Community base who work with the government which will result in a long-term relationship between the citizens and the government